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Hi and thanks for visiting!  It's amazing how things can change so much in a short period of time. I continue to be grateful for the opportunities that I have had. 


2022 has been a productive year and I have appeared in productions ranging from Last Lists of My Mad Mother to Carrie: The Musical (wait...are those two related...?).  

I have been working with IN Studios, NY on a variety of series, screenplay, and book development projects with wonderful ensembles. So excited to report that in January 2023, the first book of The Vickie Chronicles: Dark Masks by I. Savage will be released.  The series is written by Israel Savage and was developed using improvisation and character development workshops.  The book is geared toward young adults - copies can be pre-ordered on Amazon at this time!

Aside from teaching acting and improvisation classes, I am a licensed speech-language pathologist who works with the deaf and hard of hearing population as well as with individuals with Autism.  Loving my family, and sending love and hugs to anyone who needs them!

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